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Emotion first

The first single of Blue Impulse, Feel Betterwas released in 2020. Just before that Blue Impulse had been a band of five people, then three people with three keyboards and finally, just me, the producer, the songwriter, the visionary. I was lost. I had to re-figure out what Blue Impulse was all about. I'm on that path now. Happily having the time of my life with it! What's next? We'll see.

A year and a half later my second single then there's always you was released. The second release is in some ways different from Feel Better. It's a mystical dreamlike story with a dark dance beat. It's lighter and more playful than Feel Better.  It's an adventure! I produced then there's always you together with Oona Kapari, the founder of indie label Kuohu Records.

At the moment, I'm writing new music and exploring things. 


Have a listen and enjoy the ride!

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