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Challenging boundaries

"Bristol’s nocturnal vibe, the layered ethereality familiar from modern Kate Bush’s work, and the way of challenging boundaries, that is inherent to Radiohead , together, create something new."

Blue Impulse a.k.a. Kata Samula is an indie artist, producer and singer-songwriter from deep blue northern lakes in the middle of Finland. ​

Blue Impulse is aiming to blue sound, inspired by water as a constantly shape shifting element, also calming, refreshing, healing, mysterious, new and ancient at the same time.  Blue Impulse loves science fiction and the "blue" feel in it, the languor. There's something very lonely about the space. The stars in a clear dark night sky look so amazing but seem so lonely. We know that they are far apart from each other and us.  The lakes and oceans are mysterious in their silence under the surface and they are worlds of their own. 

I guess we humans try to solve the mystery and break that isolation in life by trying to connect with each other and nature and break so heavily when we fail. But when we succeed it's magical.

Musical influencers: Massive Attack, Radiohead, Debussy, Ane Brun, FKA Twigs, Fiona Apple, Björk, Kate Bush...

All music and lyrics by Kata Samula

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Mika Roth

Photos Tiina Nurmenniemi
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